YUET CHUNG METALWARE MANUFACTORY LTD. was established in 1970 at Hong Kong. We also have offices in Canada and China; we have moved our own factory from Hong Kong to China since 1993.

The plant mainly products many precision pressing, forming, stamping parts such as customized retaining ring, shrapnel or elastic stamping parts, metal bra buckle, wave spring, clamps and other custom-made parts. Those parts are applied to Medical Equipment, Foodstuff Equipment, Professional Stage Lighting Equipment, Aerodynamic Equipment, Audio/Video Module, Lingerie, Home Appliance and Automotive Parts etc.

We are using fast automatic production, upgrading mold technology, experienced control of the in-house heat treatment process which is fully automatic continuous lines to ensure maximum quality and consistency; also we can provide customized testing reports for our customers to analyze.

To keep our competitive advantage, all management and processing of product is tallied with international quality system (ISO9001) and quality management system for automotive products (TS16949) for more than eight years.